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MAOW Perú afterthoughts

The first Latin American MAOW (Mozilla Add-ons Workshop) was held last Saturday in Lima, Perú. The event was organized by Percy Cabello from the Mozilla Perú community, also the maintainer of the very awesome Mozilla Links blog.

I did the first part of the workshop, explaining extension development.

Me explaining stuff

I learned from this experience that it’s not a good idea to cover all of the boilerplate parts of extension development in a presentation with such limited time. For future events I think it’s a better idea to have some sort of required reading before attending, so that it’s easier just to dive into the actual juicy parts and get stuff done. I still managed to cover several topics surrounding extension development, and the slides were full of references that people can follow to continue learning about the topic.

The second part of the event was about Jetpack development, and was presented by newly appointed Jetpack Ambassador Hernán Rodríguez, from Agentina:

Hernán showing shinny stuff

Hernán did a fantastic job. I also should give Jetpack some credit because it is incredibly easy to get started in a few minutes. The attendees had a chance to play around and do more experimenting than on my presentation. We had some fun playing around with Hernán Twitter slidebar and messing around with CSS transformations.

The event was a great success, and this was all thanks to the great work of the Mozilla Perú community. I was pleasantly surprised of how well organized they are, and the great deal of large-scale technology events that are held in Perú that could be good platforms for Mozilla to attract new community members.

Much more details about this event can be read (in Spanish) in the Mozilla Perú blog and Hernán’s blog:

Thanks again to Percy and Mozilla Perú community for organizing this event. I hope to see you again soon!

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