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Software Freedom Day 2012 @ Costa Rica

Last Friday we had our first Mozilla community activity in Costa Rica. The event was Software Freedom Day, celebrated a week late over here because it coincides with our national independence festivities (the evening of September 14th and all of September 15th). The event was hosted by PROTEA and the Free Software Community at Universidad de Costa Rica.

We organized ourselves for this event in a matter of a couple of weeks. We were lucky enough to have the support of the event organizers, who were extremely welcoming. We were also lucky to be backed by the excellent Mozilla Reps program, who sent us stand swag with very little forward notice (you guys rock!).

Reps goodiesThe theme of this event was Free Software and Education, so we promoted  Webmaker and Hackasaurus on our Facebook page and Twitter account. They’re both very interesting projects that aim to promote education of web technologies, particularly to children and not-so-technical people. What I learned about these tools is really fantastic, and I hope someone in Costa Rica can take the initiative and implement it locally.

Our booth was very successful. We ran out of Firefox pins and Mozilla stickers in just a couple of hours (the event lasted all day), and many people came up to us to talk and ask questions. The majority of booth traffic happened in the morning, so we were smart not to hold on to much swag for the afternoon. I did realize that we should have had informative flyers for our visitors. That was an idea that lost importance during the planing process, but we should definitely take into account for future events.

Mozilla Costa Rica

This was a great first opportunity for us to work together and begin sending the Mozilla message. Activity on our Facebook page grew considerably throughout the days leading to the event. We got to meet members of various free software communities in Costa Rica. And, most importantly, we got to share the Mozilla vision with many interested people. The reaction we got from people who support free software and specially Firefox is very encouraging. We hope this is just the first of many similar endeavors.

Thanks to everyone who visited us and made this event possible!

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