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Mozilla Hispano Labs Blog Coordination

All of us Spanish-speaking Mozillians need to take two roles: one with our local community and one with Mozilla Hispano. Mozilla Hispano is a meta-community that allow us to share a whole bunch of knowledge and experience in our first language, which is pretty unique within the Mozilla world.

So, while I help out with local events in Costa Rica, I also collaborate with Mozilla Hispano in various ways.

This year I volunteered to help with the Mozilla Hispano Labs blog, what I consider to be a very important communication channel to developers who can eventually join us. In this blog we regularly publish technical articles, translated or original, related to Mozilla projects and the open web.

MH LabsIt too some time, but the blog has now picked up a good publication pace. Just recently we were publishing roughly one article per week, and this month it looks like we’ll have twice as many. We have 3 regular writers and a few new ones who look like they might stick around.

At the moment most of the articles are translations, and this is the process we follow:

  1. Identify a good article in English.  Every now and then I’ll comb articles published at Mozilla Hacks and choose the best recent ones. Sometimes there will be interesting pieces that come up from other sources.
  2. Create a translation task in our Teambox tool. This is an internal task management tool we use. Anyone interested in helping out just has to write to our mailing list in order to gain access to the tool.
  3. A volunteer chooses the task from the available options and takes it.
  4. The translation is delivered, usually in the form of a Google Doc. Experienced writers get access to the Mozilla Hispano WordPress so they can deliver it as a draft post.
  5. La translation is reviewed (usually by me) and some cosmetic fixes are done before publishing it.

This role has been very useful for me. It keeps me focused because there are always new articles to review, and at the same time it doesn’t require too much time (reviewing and publishing an article takes about an hour).

The biggest challenge I’ve run into is to keep enough topic diversity. There was a moment when most articles were about Firefox OS app development. That’s not necessarily bad, given that it’s new and popular, but I think we need to cater to various interests. It’s also been complicated to get original material to publish. Most developers don’t have much time to write about what they do (myself included), which is unfortunate. I’ll try to make more contributions of my own and try to lead with the example.

Overall it’s been a great experience, and I’m glad to be in charge of this little corner in the MH world.

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