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WebExtensions presentation at FOSDEM 2016

Last week, a big group of Mozillians converged in Brussels, Belgium for FOSDEM 2016. FOSDEM is a huge free and open source event, with thousands of attendees. Mozilla had a stand and a “dev room” for a day, which is a room dedicated to Mozilla presentations.

This year I attended for the first time, and I gave a presentation titled Building Firefox Add-ons with WebExtensions. The presentation covers some of the motivations behind the new API. I also spent a little time going over one of the WebExtensions examples on MDN. I only had 30 minutes for the whole talk, so it was all covered fairly quickly.

The presentation went well, and there were lots of people showing interest and asking questions. I felt that for all of the Mozilla presentations I attended, which makes me want to kick myself for not trying to go to FOSDEM before. It’s a great venue to discuss our ideas, and I want us to come back and do more. We have lots of European contributors and have been looking for a good venue where to have a meetup. This looks ideal, so maybe next year ;).

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