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Porting a Chrome extension to WebExtensions in half a step

A coworker contacted me today about the Unbias Me extension. It’s a set of simple userscripts that hide profile pictures and names in sites like LinkedIn and GitHub, where unconscious bias can affect your behavior toward women and other groups. She wanted to know if we could have an add-on like this for Firefox. I […]

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Make your add-on support Android in 4 easy steps

As you may know by now, we’re running an add-on developer contest called Amp Your Firefox. We’re very excited about it and there are various categories you can compete in, but we especially care about the mobile categories. We want to grow our collection of add-ons for Android, so that Android users can enjoy the […]

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The extension is more than four years old today. I created it with coworker Jose Enrique BolaƱos to submit it to the Extend Firefox competition. It was a great product, if I can say so myself. It won the Best Music add-on prize and garnered a great deal of users and good reviews at […]

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Extending the New Developer Toolbar

Firefox 16 will be released in a couple of days. Among its many improvements, there’s the new Developer Toolbar. This toolbar is essentially a command line that allows you to execute commands on the developer tools, like inspecting elements, starting up the debugger and generating screenshots from web content. This feature is designed to be […]

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A couple of add-ons that could use forks / developers

I’m preparing to write a few posts for the Add-ons Blog in which I’ll be covering Firefox 3.6 compatibility. Specifically, I’ll be talking about add-ons that are still popular in 3.6 and are holding some users back since they don’t have recent updates. Luckily, I’ve discovered that most of these add-ons have suitable replacements, so […]

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My experience porting an add-on to Mobile Firefox

I’ve been meaning to experiment more with Mobile Firefox for a while, but I’ve had very little time to work on my own add-ons, which are the best source of real-world development experience for me. Since I had received a couple of requests to port Remote XUL Manager to mobile, and this is a fairly […]

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Keeping add-ons compatible in the rapid release process

I began this discussion in the newsgroups today. Keeping add-ons compatible in the rapid release process. It is mostly aimed at Mozilla developers, but this should interest add-on developers just the same. We’re establishing a better system to communicate breaking changes, which should make it easier and quicker to identify what needs to be added […]

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Running multiple Firefox instances on Mac OS

I visit my Google Plus Stream every now and then to see if there’s anything useful in it. Unsurprisingly, most of the time there isn’t anything. I blame primitive filtering and lack of users. But one thing that caught my eye was a post by sheppy, asking about running multiple versions of Firefox easily. While […]

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Version numbers and add-on breakage

Gerv started a fairly intense discussion about the new rapid release cycle, from the perspective of browser versions and their meaning. As expected, many have replied that the discussion is silly and version numbers are meaningless. This is true for most software developers, and it should be true for most web developers. In software, we […]

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Projects update

Since I haven’t blogged here for quite a while, I thought it’d be good to do the mandatory WordPress version update and then post a little update on the side projects I’m currently working on: Remote XUL Manager has taken most of my spare time. It’s been exciting just because it’s a fairly new project […]

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