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Make your add-on support Android in 4 easy steps

As you may know by now, we’re running an add-on developer contest called Amp Your Firefox. We’re very excited about it and there are various categories you can compete in, but we especially care about the mobile categories. We want to grow our collection of add-ons for Android, so that Android users can enjoy the […]

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Extending the New Developer Toolbar

Firefox 16 will be released in a couple of days. Among its many improvements, there’s the new Developer Toolbar. This toolbar is essentially a command line that allows you to execute commands on the developer tools, like inspecting elements, starting up the debugger and generating screenshots from web content. This feature is designed to be […]

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Signing XPI files (using python and m2crypto) on (Mountain) Lion

I want to call out this post by the Appcoast folks: Signing XPI files (using python and m2crypto) on (Mountain) Lion. They contacted me recently because they were having some problems with the old way of signing XPIs, and I pointed them to Wladimir’s post in the AdBlock Plus blog. Their post just elaborates their […]

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Running multiple Firefox instances on Mac OS

I visit my Google Plus Stream every now and then to see if there’s anything useful in it. Unsurprisingly, most of the time there isn’t anything. I blame primitive filtering and lack of users. But one thing that caught my eye was a post by sheppy, asking about running multiple versions of Firefox easily. While […]

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Testing add-on startup performance

Our add-on performance initiative is getting lots of attention for, lets say, various reasons. There have been objections about transparency and our testing methods, so I decided to add something valuable to the discussion and document my own testing process. I revisited my old add-on performance article and noticed that the contents of the Measuring […]

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