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All green!

Today we reached a very significant milestone. This is a screenshot of the AMO Editors dashboard, which we use to track the status of the AMO review queues. For the first time since I can remember, we are all green! What does this mean? It means that all add-ons currently waiting in the queues have […]

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Back from Beijing

I returned on Sunday from Beijing, where I presented at the Mozilla Developer Conference (warning: all-Mandarin page). Twice, in fact. I made a presentation about the Add-ons World (available here), and ended up stepping in for Paul Rouget, who couldn’t make it. His presentation on HTML 5 is really great and it didn’t take much […]

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Projects update

Since I haven’t blogged here for quite a while, I thought it’d be good to do the mandatory WordPress version update and then post a little update on the side projects I’m currently working on: Remote XUL Manager has taken most of my spare time. It’s been exciting just because it’s a fairly new project […]

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GSOC Project Update: Cancelled

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now, but I just haven’t had the time for it given all the work I’ve been doing surrounding the Firefox 4 release. The editor review queues are predictably getting much more submissions, and I’ve been trying to keep add-on developers up to date with Firefox […]

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And now they wait…

I guess giving 3 month’s advanced notice wasn’t enough for most add-on authors. I guess this is partly our fault, and we should stress enough how important it is for them to stay up to date with Firefox new, or at least the Add-ons Blog. On Thursday, the update queue had about 80 add-on updates […]

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Jetpack, Personas, and the future

Mike Connor’s post on Jetpack and Personas has brought up lots of debate surrounding the future of the add-ons ecosystem. Extension developers are concerned about the future of XUL and the extensions they’ve spent so much time and effort on. Others are concerned about the future of the platform and its openness. I’d like to […]

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Wrapping loose variables and functions in Add-ons

We (AMO Editors) have traditionally rejected updates or nominations on add-ons that don’t follow the wrapping rule for variables and functions. This is an important rule IMO because the possible compatibility conflicts are very real and possibly damaging to user experience. Enforcing good user experience and code quality is part of our responsibility as editors, […]

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