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The extension is more than four years old today. I created it with coworker Jose Enrique Bolaños to submit it to the Extend Firefox competition. It was a great product, if I can say so myself. It won the Best Music add-on prize and garnered a great deal of users and good reviews at […]

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Testing add-on startup performance

Our add-on performance initiative is getting lots of attention for, lets say, various reasons. There have been objections about transparency and our testing methods, so I decided to add something valuable to the discussion and document my own testing process. I revisited my old add-on performance article and noticed that the contents of the Measuring […]

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Projects update

Since I haven’t blogged here for quite a while, I thought it’d be good to do the mandatory WordPress version update and then post a little update on the side projects I’m currently working on: Remote XUL Manager has taken most of my spare time. It’s been exciting just because it’s a fairly new project […]

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Extension update

Recently I’ve been occupying myself with several Firefox extension projects: Most of all, I’ve been contributing to the AMO editor team to keep the add-on review queues down to a manageable size. There’s a great deal of new submissions and updates due to the release of Firefox version 3.5. There are hundreds of updates that […]

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Regarding is a project that a friend and I began in order to compete in the Extend Firefox 3 competition, particularly to participate in the Best Music Add-on, which was being sponsored by I was a big fan of at the time, given that it offered free online radio all around the world.  […]

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