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Extending the New Developer Toolbar

Firefox 16 will be released in a couple of days. Among its many improvements, there’s the new Developer Toolbar. This toolbar is essentially a command line that allows you to execute commands on the developer tools, like inspecting elements, starting up the debugger and generating screenshots from web content. This feature is designed to be […]

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Should we fix Personas?

This post is about Personas, also known as lightweight themes, not Browser ID, now known as Persona (naming is fun!). Also, these are just my thoughts, not an official position of Mozilla or the Add-ons Team. I think we skipped a step when we graduated Personas from Mozilla Labs and implemented them as a Firefox […]

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Running multiple Firefox instances on Mac OS

I visit my Google Plus Stream every now and then to see if there’s anything useful in it. Unsurprisingly, most of the time there isn’t anything. I blame primitive filtering and lack of users. But one thing that caught my eye was a post by sheppy, asking about running multiple versions of Firefox easily. While […]

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Firefox 4 Add-on Compatibility presentation

I’m presenting about Firefox 4 Add-on Compatibility at the Mozilla Summit a little later today. Here are the slides in PDF version for all of those interested. Firefox 4 for Add-on Developers For now, this is a pretty good reference if you want to start supporting the Firefox 4 betas in your add-ons. I’ll be […]

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XPI v2 – Making Extension Development Easier

Note: this is just me throwing some ideas around. It is not an official proposal or spec. Having said that, I would like everyone that has interest in extension development to read this post and tell me what they think. I’ve been an extension developer for a long time, and I like to think that […]

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And now they wait…

I guess giving 3 month’s advanced notice wasn’t enough for most add-on authors. I guess this is partly our fault, and we should stress enough how important it is for them to stay up to date with Firefox new, or at least the Add-ons Blog. On Thursday, the update queue had about 80 add-on updates […]

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Introducing My Personas

For my first “official” Xulforge project, I decided to take on a relatively simple task, so that I could get the site and blog started quickly. This way at least I have some content to show for while I work on larger projects ;). This first project is My Personas. This project is a set […]

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Regarding is a project that a friend and I began in order to compete in the Extend Firefox 3 competition, particularly to participate in the Best Music Add-on, which was being sponsored by I was a big fan of at the time, given that it offered free online radio all around the world.  […]

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