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Version numbers and add-on breakage

Gerv started a fairly intense discussion about the new rapid release cycle, from the perspective of browser versions and their meaning. As expected, many have replied that the discussion is silly and version numbers are meaningless. This is true for most software developers, and it should be true for most web developers. In software, we […]

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Back from Beijing

I returned on Sunday from Beijing, where I presented at the Mozilla Developer Conference (warning: all-Mandarin page). Twice, in fact. I made a presentation about the Add-ons World (available here), and ended up stepping in for Paul Rouget, who couldn’t make it. His presentation on HTML 5 is really great and it didn’t take much […]

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XPI v2 – Making Extension Development Easier

Note: this is just me throwing some ideas around. It is not an official proposal or spec. Having said that, I would like everyone that has interest in extension development to read this post and tell me what they think. I’ve been an extension developer for a long time, and I like to think that […]

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MAOW Perú afterthoughts

The first Latin American MAOW (Mozilla Add-ons Workshop) was held last Saturday in Lima, Perú. The event was organized by Percy Cabello from the Mozilla Perú community, also the maintainer of the very awesome Mozilla Links blog. I did the first part of the workshop, explaining extension development. I learned from this experience that it’s […]

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Jetpack, Personas, and the future

Mike Connor’s post on Jetpack and Personas has brought up lots of debate surrounding the future of the add-ons ecosystem. Extension developers are concerned about the future of XUL and the extensions they’ve spent so much time and effort on. Others are concerned about the future of the platform and its openness. I’d like to […]

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