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Should we fix Personas?

This post is about Personas, also known as lightweight themes, not Browser ID, now known as Persona (naming is fun!). Also, these are just my thoughts, not an official position of Mozilla or the Add-ons Team. I think we skipped a step when we graduated Personas from Mozilla Labs and implemented them as a Firefox […]

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Jetpack, Personas, and the future

Mike Connor’s post on Jetpack and Personas has brought up lots of debate surrounding the future of the add-ons ecosystem. Extension developers are concerned about the future of XUL and the extensions they’ve spent so much time and effort on. Others are concerned about the future of the platform and its openness. I’d like to […]

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Introducing My Personas

For my first “official” Xulforge project, I decided to take on a relatively simple task, so that I could get the site and blog started quickly. This way at least I have some content to show for while I work on larger projects ;). This first project is My Personas. This project is a set […]

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