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The extension is more than four years old today. I created it with coworker Jose Enrique Bolaños to submit it to the Extend Firefox competition. It was a great product, if I can say so myself. It won the Best Music add-on prize and garnered a great deal of users and good reviews at […]

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My experience porting an add-on to Mobile Firefox

I’ve been meaning to experiment more with Mobile Firefox for a while, but I’ve had very little time to work on my own add-ons, which are the best source of real-world development experience for me. Since I had received a couple of requests to port Remote XUL Manager to mobile, and this is a fairly […]

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Introducing My Personas

For my first “official” Xulforge project, I decided to take on a relatively simple task, so that I could get the site and blog started quickly. This way at least I have some content to show for while I work on larger projects ;). This first project is My Personas. This project is a set […]

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Getting started

Hello, welcome to Xulforge. My name is Jorge Villalobos. I’m a software developer who has been working for the past couple of years with Mozilla technologies, particularly XUL and Firefox extensions. I co-developed the very successful extension with Jose Enrique Bolaños, and helped develop several other extensions during my tenure at Glaxstar. I particularly […]

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